Essay Sample on Administrative Law

Administrative law is a set of regulations that are set to control the operations of the administrative arms of government like Department of Justice, Social security among others. The laws outline the formation and also how the agencies charged with administrative functions of government are supposed to conduct their duties. Administrative law clearly indicates the extent of powers granted to the agencies, the various kinds of legislations or rules that they are allowed to create, and also how they are required to relate to with other government organs and the entire public.
The rules that are set out in Administrative law bring together the legal principles that govern the administration and regulation of both state and federal government organs.

These agencies are given powers by the law-making body to act on behalf of the executive in a given capacity. The main reason why the administrative agencies are created is for the protection of public interest.

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How administrative laws work in countries that rely on common law
Today, quite a number of countries across the world rely on common law in offering solutions to criminal and civil injustices. One fact that is significant in all these countries is that, they have created procedures that limit the review of decisions or rules created by administrative bodies. Besides, Administrative law can also be applied in reviewing the decisions of other government agencies like non-profit organizations, disciplinary boards with regards to the legal rights of certain groups.

Even though the bodies that formulate Administrative laws operate under the control of larger arms of government, their decisions can also be reviewed by courts under given judicial review principles as set out in the constitution. In the event that the review is done by court, it will only consider the method through which the decision was made. However, if the matter is an administrative appeal, the court will examine the accuracy of the decision. Getting the difference helps in appreciating how administrative law operates in countries that exercise the use of common law.

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Administrative law, just like other body of rules, is not the same in all states. For instance, the administrative law that is applied in the United States is different from that of Canada, England, Australia or even Singapore.

Types of Administrative law cases

  • There may be various kinds of administrative cases depending on your classification. However, below are the most common types of cases that can be solved through administrative law;

Regulatory cases for businesses, organizations

Enforcement cases

Entitlement cases like denial of workers compensation.

Whenever you feel that someone has committed an act that goes against the administrative rules, you are required to report the mater to an administrative court or industrial court as some may refer to them. Such courts are presided over by a tribunal and not a judge as it is in other courts. These courts have their own procedures and regulations that are provided for in administrative law.

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