Essay Sample on US Energy Consumption

In the United States, there are several energy sources that are used in various sectors for different reasons. The energy sources that are currently consumed in the US include oil, natural gas, coal and electricity. However, fossil fuels and coal have been the most widely used energy sources in the United States for the past 20 years. Besides, hydroelectric, nuclear and bits of renewable energy sources like solar and wind are also used in residential and industrial sectors.

According to the statistics by the US Energy Information Administration released in July 2013, the US energy consumption began increasing in late 19 th Century. During that time, cola is the energy source that was widely used and dominated the transport sector.

Coal was a major energy source used in powering trains. It was after this that petroleum began making its way into the market. This saw the influx of other hosts of fossil fuels like natural gas that accounted for 87% of the total primary energy used in America in the 20 th Century.

In the 21 st Century, fossil fuels still rank at the top when looking at the US fuel consumption. In fact, it is said that we are still living in a carbon society despite the numerous attempts to embrace renewable. It is even still unlikely that America is going to declare her independence from fossil fuels anytime soon. It is predicted that fossil fuels are still going to account for almost 75% of the United States energy through to the 2040s. There may be some shifts in the near future owing to the drop in coal.

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US Energy Information Administration reveals that the major energy consumers in the region are residential and commercial buildings, industry, electric generators and transportation. However, the pattern of fuel consumption largely varies from one sector to another. For instance, oil accounts for approximately 95% of the energy that is consumed in the transportation sector while only 1% of it is used in electric power generators. One important thing that should be noted is that electricity is a secondary source of energy that is generated from petroleum, natural gas, nuclear fuel, renewable energy and coal.

Despite the dismal economic growth that is currently being experienced in the United States, there has been a significant rise in energy consumption. Statistics released in 2013 showed that US energy consumption stands at 97.4 quadrillion British thermal units that indicates an increase of about 2.3 quadrillion from 2012.

The US energy consumption is affected by a host of several factors with weather being the main one. In fact, the changes in weather can have a great impact on the mix of energy and how much is used in a given year. Based on the intense campaigns on the use of renewable energy in America and the world at large, it is projected that its use is going to significantly rise in the coming years.

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